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Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods







Automotive Plastic

Plastic Turned Parts supplies major manufacturers in the automotive industry with precision made automotive engineering components. These are rapidly, yet precisely, produced in bulk quantities to supplied design schematics.

Our automotive plastic components are found in vehicle braking systems, engines, suspension and throughout the build of many trucks, cars, vans and motorcycles. As leading manufacturers of automotive engineering components, our parts are produced to the highest tolerance levels with impeccable precision and quality, allowing for heat expansion and contraction.

We are the unrivalled partner for manufacturers and plastic components suppliers who need automotive plastic components for trucks, vans, cars, motorcycles and any other type of vehicle, produced quickly, cost-effectively and to the highest standards. Contact us to find out more information on our automotive engineering components.

Marine Plastic Parts Manufacturers

As a Marine plastic parts manufacturer, our products are integrated into the assembly of marine systems such as the plumbing, engine bay and throughout the vessel. Applications range from drive chain to water seals and noise reduction. Our plastic component parts are supplied from small to bulk quantities and are engineered for a precision-fit.

Our plastic components company takes your engineering design and create custom plastic components specifically for your purpose, identifying the best material for each particular application. Whether you are seeking the smallest plastic part, from just a few millimetres in size, to much larger parts, we can make it for you.

We have many years of experience in producing turned plastic parts for marine manufacturers and we are preferred parts suppliers for yacht, boat and sailing vessel builders. As a plastic parts manufacturer, we always produce parts quickly, cost-effectively and to the highest standards.

Plastic Machined Medical Components

Plastic machined medical components are one of our main areas of expertise. These can vary enormously from small plastic parts of only a couple of millimetres in size to a few centimetres. We turn and machine a wide range of hygienic plastics, each with different properties such as rigidity and flexibility.

If you are a medical equipment manufacturer we can produce plastic machined medical components to your precise design specifications and to the smallest of tolerances.

From the tiniest plastic ear grommets to plastic machined medical components in biotech equipment, we can deliver on budget and on time.

Contact us below to find out more information on our plastic machined medical components.

Industrial Plastic Components

Our industrial plastic components are integral elements in an enormous variety of applications. We machine our industrial plastic parts from a wide range of plastics and hard-wearing materials, each with particular properties suitable to the specifics of the industrial application. From PTFE, to Nylon or Acrylic our precision-engineered components meet the most precise CAD drawings and have tolerances suitable for even the most demanding industrial applications.

From production line equipment to automation machinery, our industrial plastic components feature in an incredible diverse range of industrial equipment.

One Off Plastic Components

Should you need one off plastic parts for the development of a new consumer appliance or product, or you require high-volume, precision-turned appliance parts, Plastic Turned Parts can meet your exacting demands whilst providing a service that will exceed your expectations.

We are a preferred supplier to some of Britain’s major domestic appliance and consumer goods brands, supplying OEM one off plastic components with integral purposes in the product assembly.

Whether for product prototyping, or large production runs, Plastic Turned Parts can and will deliver one off plastic parts on budget and on time.

Contact us below to find out more information on our one off plastic parts.

Retail Plastic Parts

If you are a retailer or retail display production company and you need specific plastic parts produced fast then Plastic Turned Parts can deliver. Get in touch with your display, POS/POP or shopfitting challenges and we will help you to achieve them. Either send us your part designs or we can help design them for you, to meet the challenge you have.

Plastic Turned Parts can design and manufacture one-off retail plastic parts, short runs or high-volume runs to your exact requirements.

Construction Plastic Components

Do you need custom plastic components or a plastic parts designed and manufactured for your construction project? Our plastic components company can deliver, however specialist and whatever the quantity.

Whether you have CAD engineering drawings for us to manufacture to, or you have a particular challenge with an installation or piece of equipment to resolve, we can produce the plastic components to solve your problem.

Plastic Plumbing Parts

We work with a number of clients in the water, oil, gas and electric industries who rely on us as their turned plastic parts manufacturer and supplier. From basic plastic plumbing parts, to insulation parts for electrics, up to highly-specialised plastic parts for oil rigs and power stations. Be it a custom or a standard part we will supply it to your exact specifications and exceed your expectations as a supplier.

Plastic Turned Parts can design and manufacture plastic plumbing parts bespoke to your application. Contact us below for more information.

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